Hey, Guys!! First of all, let me wish you a happy Monday 🙃 I know, some of you are Garfields and you think you hate Mondays. Well, you shouldn’t 😉 It’s the beginning of a new week, and with it comes a new range of opportunities.

This week’s spotlight is on the antipodeans. We start tomorrow with the inflation expectations out of New Zealand. This can very well set the Kiwi’s tone for the day. Now, bare in mind that usually the NZD moves according to it’s major trading partner: the Aussie. And the AUD, has its own news an hour and a half later. Well, after last month’s poor inflation reading the market is extremely curious to see how the RBA will react. No rate changes are expected. However, the tone of the statement will most likely give it some direction for the near future. This will definitely be one of the week’s biggest scheduled events.

Two days later, it’ll be the RBNZ’s time. With a ‘bonus’, there will be a press conference. Once again, the tone of the speech will dictate the Kiwi’s bias for the week.

If you need any extra explanation just leave a comment and I will answer the best I can.

Much Love 💙