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All hail the Euro!

Hello, Loves! This week should be a great week for ‘our’ beloved single currency 😜

Here’s why..

ECB ⬇️

  • Draghi tried to hurt the euro on Thursday. However, it looks like Super Mario is losing his dovish powers, with most analysts still forecasting the announcement for QE tapering as soon as this fall.

EU Stability ⬆️

  • All stars seem to be aligned for Emmanuel Macron – the pro-EU candidate – to be the next French President.

CPI ⬆️

  • Europe’s inflation beat all expectations on Friday, which can only fuel bullish bets for the euro.

Technical Structure ⬆️

  • The EUR/USD hold around the 1.09 handle.

For all these reasons, it looks like the EUR is a buy on dips this week 😉

Hope you enjoyed the analysis and that you’ll be able to profit from it.

If you need any extra explanation, just leave a comment and I will answer it the best I can.

Much Love 💙

Trading Ideas: NZD



Hi there! Today is a sad day for all you ‘Kiwi lovers’ 😜

Here’s why..


  •  The Assistant Governor McDermott stated that the Kiwi is at an ‘uncomfortable level’.

AUD ⬇️

  • The Aussie is also weighted this week after the market’s decision to focus on the fact that a higher AUD could also be problematic.

Technical Structure ⬇️

  • Not only the NZD/USD broke the 0.72 handle, it also broke a major trend line – from the beginning of 2017 –  to the downside.

If you need any extra explanation just leave a comment and I will answer the best I can.

Much Love 💙

Trading Ideas: EUR; AUD; CAD; GBP


Good morning, London!

Here are some ideas for the session..


We start with the Aussie.

RBA ⬇️
  • The market decided to focus on the fact that a higher AUD could be problematic. So, despite the upbeat tone seen in the statement, the Aussie quickly reversed.
Copper ⬇️
  • Copper continued last week’s downtrend. Although, be aware that today the red metal rebounded overnight.
Technical Structure ⬇️
  • After a surge, the Australian Dollar quickly reversed and broke structure to the downside.

Next on the list is the EUR.


ECB ⬇️
  • Draghi stated that the risks to the euro area outlook remain tilted to the downside.
EU Stability ⬇️
  • Maria Le Pen is rising on the French polls.
USD ⬆️
  • Fed’s Harker (Voter, Neutral) stated that a March rate hike should be on the table.
Technical Structure ⬇️
  • The EUR/USD broke the 1.07 handle to the downside.

The CAD is also weighted this week.


Oil ⬇️
  • WTI futures dropped almost 3$ this week, after rumors that Iran might raise oil production amid US tensions. On top of that, yesterday’s API showed the second largest build on record. The risk aversion seen these days doesn’t help either.
Technical Structure ⬇️
  • The USD/CAD broke a 7days high to the upside, yesterday.

Last but definitely not least comes the GBP.


BoE ⬆️
  • BoE’s Forbes reignites rate hike prospect.
Technical Structure ⬆️
  • The GBP/USD broke the 1.25 handle to the upside.

Hope you enjoyed the analysis and that you’ll be able to profit from it.

If you need any extra explanation just leave a comment and I will answer the best I can.

Much Love 💙

Week Ahead


Hey, Guys!! First of all, let me wish you a happy Monday 🙃 I know, some of you are Garfields and you think you hate Mondays. Well, you shouldn’t 😉 It’s the beginning of a new week, and with it comes a new range of opportunities.

This week’s spotlight is on the antipodeans. We start tomorrow with the inflation expectations out of New Zealand. This can very well set the Kiwi’s tone for the day. Now, bare in mind that usually the NZD moves according to it’s major trading partner: the Aussie. And the AUD, has its own news an hour and a half later. Well, after last month’s poor inflation reading the market is extremely curious to see how the RBA will react. No rate changes are expected. However, the tone of the statement will most likely give it some direction for the near future. This will definitely be one of the week’s biggest scheduled events.

Two days later, it’ll be the RBNZ’s time. With a ‘bonus’, there will be a press conference. Once again, the tone of the speech will dictate the Kiwi’s bias for the week.

If you need any extra explanation just leave a comment and I will answer the best I can.

Much Love 💙

A good day for the Aussie


Good morning, you sexy beasts 😉 It looks like today all stars are align! On one hand, yesterday we saw a slightly dovish FOMC release. On the other, copper prices keep rising (just rose 0.3% during Asia). So be a dear, wait for a pullback, and – if nothing changes – buy Aussie Dollars 😉

Much Love  💙

All eyes on the Fed!


The GBP was the strongest currency of the day, as the Brexit uncertainty factor slowly fades away.. Although, all eyes seem to be on the FOMC Statement, later today. Honestly, I do not think that this will be an event, since it won’t even be complemented with a press conference. Friday’s NFP should be more volatile.

Economic Calendar – Feb 2:

Tomorrow might be a big day for the Pound!

@ 12PM we have the Official Bank Rate decision, which is expected to remain the same (0.25%).

@ 12:30PM BoE Gov Carney Speaks.


The first thing which comes to mind is the FOMC statement. Sure, Trump has been saying that the buck is overvalued, but the truth is the Fed cannot ignore the latest inflation numbers for much longer.

Another eventual opportunity might be on Sterling. I mean, the rate itself is expected to remain the same. However, our ‘good mate’ Carney might spice things up 😉

Much love 💙


Trading Day: It seems that the Iranian #Oil Minister will not attend Doha discussions


Upcoming Data: #US API #Crude #Oil Inventories @ 9:35PM BST

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